to our 2005/06 Homeschool Projects!

Our first project for the year was a lapbook on
the Plagues of Egypt.  It also covers the water cycle & hail,
snakes, frogs, proper skin care, livestock, locusts
and precious metals and gems.  These are incorporated
in the mini-books which focus on the plagues.  We
also glued in sequens to represent the silver, gold and
jewels that the Egyptians gave the Israelites
before they left Egypt.

There are two flaps on the center panel that lift for
more mini-books on the other plagues.  Working on this
lapbook was really fun as our son is able (and willing)
to do more work on these in the way of writing and
artistic expression.

This is our first science experiment of the year.  It is to
observe the effects of yeast and additives to the
yeast mixture.

Initially both balloons were empty and hanging over the side
of the bottles.  Both bottles started with room temperature
water, sugar and yeast.  The Sierra Mist bottle also had flour.
The bottle without the flour began inflating its balloon about
20 minutes before the flour bottle did.

These are the two bottles at the end of the experiment.
We concluded that one of two things happened.  Either
the bottle without the flour produced quickly and then
pooped out and the bottle with the flour was able
to keep producing gas because of the flour, or that
Mommy didn't secure the balloon on the
bottle correctly and the gas escaped.  We'll be
performing a similar but different experiment in a few days.