Rock The House
from Dan's Corner

In the 16th chapter of the Book of Acts, we find our hero Paul, along with his ministry companion Silas, beat up and thrown in the slammer in Philippi. Now Paul was no stranger to the hoosegow. He spent many a cold night in jail. This time, like the times before, it was a bum rap -- trumped up charges issued by a world system largely owned and operated by the adversary and father of lies, the devil.

This situation is true of countless people right here and now -- believers and nonbelievers alike. Many Christians belong to the Kingdom of God, yet are bound to worldly principles because they have bought into lies that the devil perpetuates in the world, and even in the church. Pride and legalism in cell block "A," coveting wealth and success in cell block "B," defeat and depression in cell block "C," etc., etc.

The nonbeliever is in a much worse pickle. They are bound and have hopelessness thrown in on top of it. Most believe that the prison they inhabit is the status quo -- normal conditions. How sad.

There is a way out of this prison. For any of us it must start with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then what? Let's look back on the heroes of our story.

As Paul and Silas were praying and singing praises to God at midnight in the pen, God "rocked the house" (literally). The place shook with an earthquake, their chains fell off and they walked out, taking a bunch of people with them. Why? Because God doesn't want His people in bondage!

What wonderful news! And for God this "prisoner liberation" thing is not an isolated incident! Let's turn to Matthew 27:51-52. Jesus' salvation mission is completed and God rocked the house. The earth shook and rocks split. The chains on the prisoners in Sheol were unlocked by the King now that the keys had come into the right hands (Rev. 1:19) and the door was opened (the curtain in the Temple was torn from top to bottom [Mt. 27:52]).

Today the people being held in those cell blocks need to know that the devil has them all in on a bum rap. All they have to do is call their Lawyer (Jesus is our Advocate [1 John 2:1]), because the Judge is always willing to hear from Him, and the parole board always pardons the offense for those who plead the blood of Jesus! Thank goodness we don't have "Peoples Court" because people will let us down. God's court, through Jesus' atoning sacrifice, will always forgive.

The believers in bondage need to know that the Father is ready, willing, and more than able to release them from physical, spiritual and emotional bondage. Give Him a call -- He'll rock the house!!

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