My Second Anniversary
September 3, 2003

Well, as you can see from the title of this article, today marks the second anniversary of my learning the truth about aspartame.  September 3, 2001, was the first day that I went without using aspartame.  It was one of the most difficult things that I've ever done - and I've quit smoking and stopped using caffeine.  Aspartame is highly addictive, so the first several days I experienced withdrawals, headaches (really one big headache that lasted a few days), but even in the midst of all that misery I could tell that my body was already responding to not being poisoned.  It really is amazing at how quickly our bodies will respond to being treated well, if we would only give them the chance.

So, here I am, two years later.  I'd love to tell you that I'm completely recovered from aspartame poisoning, but I'm not.  I'm typing this article on my latest tool that I need to function at a more normal level - a laptop computer.  The lingering effects that I have - and may never fully recover from - stem from the apparent brain damage I have suffered.  My memory is not what it should be.  Not by a long shot.  Even remembering that I have a problem to begin with can be tricky for me.  I know it probably doesn't seem to make much sense, but that's the way it is for me now.  I simply pray that the Lord will allow me to remember that I do have a problem, because it'll be much easier for me and my family that way.

There's been an interesting phenomena happening with regards to this.  I'll go along for a while, thinking everything is just fine.  Then, after a few weeks I'll start feeling frustrated, but I won't realize why I'm feeling that way.  Then, my poor husband starts getting an earful as I try to work through what's going on until I finally remember that I've been forgetting any number of things.  When this realization finally comes, I feel as though my whole world - the “normal” world in which I had been living during my oblivion - comes crashing in on me and all that I am left with is a disability that does nothing but evade me.  But just because I don't remember that there's a problem doesn't mean that others in my life aren't affected.

I also seem to have a predisposition toward anger and depression - two symptoms of aspartame poisoning that used to be my constant companions.  I am very thankful that now they are infrequent visitors.  And I am also praying that the Lord will keep me ever mindful of these two destroyers of my peace, why they come, and that I don't have to be their slave any longer.

So, as I sit here with my laptop - my new brain - I wonder what the next year off of aspartame, MSG and other poisons that our government allows in our food and pharmaceutical supplies will bring.  Will my brain be able to heal itself sufficiently that I won't have to capture every thought the instant I have it for fear of never remembering it again?  Will I be able to go out in public and let my guard down without worries of having an episode of severe forgetfulness?  Will I no longer be afraid that I will forget important things such as where I live or the names and faces of the people I love?  Lord, protect my heart and mind that these things will never come to pass.  But most importantly, let Your will be done in my life, that Your purposes will come from this senselessness.

I am very glad to be able to let you know that there are at least five people that I know personally who have stopped using aspartame because of my devastation, and they have reported improved health because of it.  I have no idea how many others have read of my trials here and have quit using because of my words.  Lord, may they be Your words to touch whomever You would.

In closing, I would just like to add that if you are allowing your children to consume diet products of any sort, gum or breath mints (regular or diet), or any number of commonly found products (including almost all over-the-counter medications and vitamins), you are exposing your children to a deadly neurotoxin.  If your children are exhibiting signs of what has come to be labeled ADD or ADHD, before allowing anyone to put them on medication, please, please, please, remove all chemicals from their diet to rule out aspartame or MSG poisoning.  You just might be amazed at the difference in their behaviour.  And you just might be saving their life.

For the truth about aspartame, the symptoms and physical ailments it causes, please visit  For more information on MSG and the symptoms and ailments related to it, please visit

May God bless you on your journey!