Death of a Society

I'm not sure when it began, but we can now see the effects of what I can only call a bloodless coup.  Who has taken over our country?  The judiciary.  The United States was founded with three separate but equal branches of government.  But more and more over recent years what we have seen is the judicial system flagrantly disregarding the executive and legislative branches - branches designed to keep the whole system in check and balanced.  They have elevated themselves to a position of supreme authority, even going so far as to overturn the will of the people as it has been expressed in legitimate elections.

It is in the midst of what is probably the final battle for Terri Schiavo's life that I believe this can be seen quite clearly.  One circuit court judge is effectively holding the governor and legislature of Florida hostage, even going so far as to order them not to execute a law that would save Ms. Schiavo's life.  Aren't judge's supposed to uphold the laws of the land?  But I digress...  People are now saying that we are a nation of laws, but even if that were true, what is to become of our legal system if its foundation is rejected (the foundation actually having been thrown out by the judiciary) and laws and their interpretations become subjective?

Another element in this scenario that is becoming increasingly obvious is the fact that our society is one that now embraces death.  We elevate and celebrate death at every turn.

"Freedom of choice" and "right to die" are only two phrases of choice used by those who seem to have an insatiable appetite for blood.  In their frenzy for more and more death, they masquerade themselves as champions of the people, only wanting each of us to have our inalienable rights protected.  If I remember correctly we have the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - not death and destruction.

One argument I keep hearing is that Ms. Schiavo's quality of life is not at all what any of us would want.  So if we follow this line of reasoning, where will we end up?  Killing anyone, young or old, who doesn't measure up to a societal standard - physically, emotionally, or philosophically?

Don't think that this is so extreme.  In Europe there are already countries who routinely "euthenize" their unwanted - the elderly, disabled and newborns.  There are those in the United States who believe, and are trying to convince others, that an infant isn't fully human until at least three months of age, so killing it prior to that is completely acceptable.

If the combination of death at all costs and judicial imperialism are combined - as they are today - the weak and helpless in our society will soon be gone.  They will have been afforded their right to die, their right not to have to live in a body that is less than perfect.  and we won't be burdened by them, so we can freely pursue the pleasures this world has to offer.

Is it not enough that thousands upon thousands of innocents are brutally murdered each day under the guise of a woman's right to choose what is done with her own body?  Must we lust after more blood, calling those deaths compassionate and kind?  If this unbridled killing of the weak and helpless doesn't stop, I truly fear for the future of this nation, where death will become clinical and human life will have absolutely no value whatsoever.