Lessons From The Little Drummer Boy

(A note of interest:  This is the article that started Under The Shadow of His Wings - the very first one!)

With Christmas fast approaching, the marketing blitz for Christmas sales is in full swing. Perhaps now is the perfect time to take a lesson from The Little Drummer Boy.  For those unfamiliar with the lyrics to this Christmas song, here they are:

Come they told me, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum*
A newborn King to see, *
Our finest gifts we bring, *
To lay before the King, *
So to honor Him, *
When we come

Little baby, *
I am a poor boy too, *
I have no gifts to bring, *
That's fit to give a King, *
Shall I play for You, *
On my drum

Mary nodded, *
The ox and lamb kept time, *
I played my drum for Him, *
I played my best for Him, *
Then He smiled at me, *
Me and my drum

When we come before the Lord, what can we bring to Him? What do we have that He does not already own (Ps. 50:10-11)? Just like that little drummer boy, we are poor (Rev. 3:17). But there is a way to bring joy to the Lord. How? By giving back to Him the Best of what He's given to us! No, I'm not speaking of tithing. Money doesn't buy favor with God.

The Lord has given to each of us talents and gifts that are uniquely ours. Our responsibility is to take those talents and gifts, nurture and sharpen them, then use them to glorify God. In this way He is able to enjoy the fruit that we bear; for no one can enjoy the garden as much as the Gardener who has prepared the soil, planted the seed, spread the manure, watered the sprouts and tended the tender plants.

Each of our talents and gifts are different, but none is superior to the rest. God, in His infinite wisdom, knows exactly what each of us needs in order to be equipped to do His work in this world. He also uses our unique circumstances in life. You may never know why you have to go through some of the trials and hardships of this life. Perhaps one day you will be able to witness to someone in a way that no one else could. But one thing is for certain -- God knows and He will receive glory for every minute!

As we celebrate our Savior's birth, enjoy the warmth of family and friends. And let's be sure to take the opportunity to remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas. The Baby that was born in the manger so long ago, Who later died and rose from the grave, is the only way to everlasting Peace, Joy and Love.

(For an incredible rendition of "Little Drummer Boy" and "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," pick up a copy of Jars of Clay "Little Drummer Boy.")

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