Israel - Bane Of The Nations, Apple Of God's Eye

Israel.  The mere mention of that tiny nation can bring forth very strong reactions.  But why does such a small piece of real estate ignite such passionate and volatile emotions?

We are living in a very interesting time in history.  A great battle rages between unseen forces, between good and evil, between darkness and light.  This battle has been going on literally from the beginning of time.  At the center of this battle is the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  Throughout Scripture, and throughout history, we see attempts made by the devil to wipe out the Jewish people.  Since the rebirth of the nation of Israel there has been a visible target for the concentrated hatred that the devil has for God's chosen people and the land God has claimed for His own possession.

“For the Lord has chosen Zion, He has desired it for His habitation; this is My resting-place forever [says the Lord]; here will I dwell, for I have desired it.” - Psalm 132: 13-14, Amplified

“For the Lord has chosen [the descendants of] Jacob for Himself, Israel for His peculiar possession and treasure.” - Psalm 135:4 - Amplified

Why would God choose the descendants of Jacob for His possession, and why Zion for His resting-place?  Throughout Scripture we see God choose the small, the weak, the unlikely, through whom He works to show forth His glory.

“He says, It is too light a thing that you should be My servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob and to restore the survivors [of the judgments] of Israel; I will also give you for a light to the nations, that My salvation may extend to the end of the earth.  Thus says the Lord, the Redeemer of Israel, Israel's Holy One, to him whom man rejects and despises, to him whom the nations abhor, to the servant of rulers: Kings shall see you and arise; princes, and they shall prostrate themselves, because of the Lord, Who is faithful, the Holy One of Israel, Who has chosen you.”- Isaiah 49:6-7, Amplified

Here and throughout Scripture we find that God has chosen Israel to be the instrument through which He will deliver Salvation to the nations.  Some feel that this “chosen” status is cause for pride or special treatment, similar perhaps to a teacher's pet.  But there is nothing that Israel or the Jews have done to deserve this special attention from God.  It was His selection, His will.  While we do find in Scripture that Israel will receive a twofold recompense for her trouble (Is. 61:7), we must never forget that she also receives double punishment for her sins (Is. 40:2).  It is also because of this “chosen” position that Israel has been the target of the devil's plans of destruction.  Why?  Because he knows that Israel will be the one to cry out for the return of the Messiah, which will begin the Messianic Kingdom on earth, and will begin Satan's thousand year imprisonment (Rev. 20:2).  I don't think the prospect of that is making him very happy.

Satan's tactics have varied, his instruments have changed, but his goal remains the same - the complete annihilation of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.  When we look at the current situation in the Middle East it is all too clear how the devil's plans are coming together.  Please understand that I am in no way saying that the Arab nations, or any peoples who come against Israel, are consciously aware that they are in cahoots with the devil.  But as we have seen time and again throughout history, Satan plays people like pawns to achieve his own ends.

There was Haman (in the Book of Esther), who had plans to kill every last Jew in the realm.  There was Hitler, who also wanted nothing less than the extermination of every last Jew in Europe.  And there are others today just waiting in the wings for their opportunity to try and finish the task that was left unfinished by their evil predecessors.  The bad news is that this hatred and violence will only escalate.  The good news is that there is One who will bring everlasting peace to the Jews, the nation of Israel, and indeed the whole world.  His name is Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah who died for the sins of every person who has ever lived.  But there's even more good news!  If you need peace in your life, you don't have to wait one second longer to get it.  Yeshua, Jesus, is here now, and He's waiting with open arms for you to ask Him into your heart, into your life, into your pain and sorrow.  How do you do it?  Click here for the simplest way to change your life forever.

Amidst the turmoil in the Middle East, and everywhere else on the globe, keep your focus on the Lord.  He is our exiled King.  It is to Him we have pledged our loyalty and love.  It is He who will keep us until His soon return.  Don't let the enemy steal the victory that Yeshua has secured for us by becoming entangled in the fear and dread that the enemy is trying to bring through terror and war.  Just as Moses did, hide yourself in the cleft of the rock that is our Saviour.  You'll be glad you did!