Are You Worthy Of Healing?

This month I'd like to take another look at the methods God uses to bring healing to His people.  Just as we are each unique, so are our experiences with God.  In “A Word On Divine Healing,” I shared about several encounters I have had with God's healing touch - each unique, but each very real.  I hope you enjoy this Under The Shadow oldie, written in 1998!


A Word On Divine Healing

Is there any one way that God heals His people? Hardly. God knows exactly what each of His children needs in order to be made whole. Freeing people from bondage, whether the bondage be physical, emotional or spiritual, is the Lord's specialty. And only the Lord knows if that freedom will come in an instant or over a period of days, months or years, because only the Lord knows what is best for each of us.

The devil, on the other hand, is in the business of keeping people in bondage. He will do everything in his power to prevent God's people from walking in freedom. I believe one of his most used tactics is doubt. Once a person takes a nibble, the devil has him hooked. I also believe that it is during the times of extended healings that a person is most vulnerable to doubt.

I have been the recipient of both types of healings. When I was nineteen years old, and a fairly new believer, I was suffering from severe back pain. I had injured my back three years prior and had just been sent home from the hospital with a bottle of pain medication and the orders to "stay off your feet." I felt like I was on fire from my waist down. I had come to a point where I honestly didn't feel that I could take one more day of pain. I sat down on my bed and stared at that bottle of pills. The devil whispered "It could all be over if you'd just take the rest of those pills." But the thought was interrupted by a phone call.

It was my mom calling to say that my dad was on his way over. He never just "dropped by." She stayed on the phone with me until he arrived. When he got there he simply said, "You don't need these anymore," and picked up the bottle of pills. Please understand that I never said anything to anyone about how I was feeling. But the Lord knew and He used my parents, both of whom were not believers, to keep me from making a tragic mistake.

That night I told the Lord that I simply couldn't take the pain any longer. The next morning the pain was completely gone. I knew that God had removed the pain.

Now let's jump ahead to the present.

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost two years ago my husband and I prayed that God would heal me. At that moment I had an assurance in my spirit that the Lord would in fact do just that. I also knew that it was not going to be done at that moment. What I didn't realize until recently was that the healing was going to be gradual.

Every time our pastor asks people to come forward for prayer for healing I'm there. For months I didn't feel any different and I began to feel guilty. I felt guilty for constantly going forward and not being healed. I felt guilty for
continually pestering God. I felt guilty for not having enough faith to facilitate my healing. You name it, the devil was throwing it at me -- until last week.

It was one of those "suddenly" things. In an instant I felt a freedom that I can't ever remember feeling before and I saw clearly, for the first time, the reality of what God was doing with me. I could also see that the devil was
trying to keep me from reaching out to the only One who could free me from the bondage that I have been in for so long. He was trying to keep me in my seat rather than go forward for prayer. He was trying to keep me focused on what was wrong with me rather than praise, worship and love my heavenly Father. He tried. He failed.

All those trips to the altar for prayer had not been in vain. Yes, at the time I couldn't tell that anything had happened, but God had been at work healing my spirit. He had been bringing me to a place where I could recognize the wounds that lay within my spirit and soul, and the sources of those wounds. I realized that as the spiritual wounds are being healed, my physical condition is improving. I could also see how God, in His divine wisdom, kept me out of the loop for a time so that He could get His work done without my help. I'm going to continue to reach out to God for my healing, having the full assurance that He will complete what He has begun.

Never doubt for a moment that God is working in your life. You may not "feel" any different, but that doesn't matter! When doubt, guilt and condemnation try to muscle their way in, stand in faith on God's word and continue to praise God. You may not see instantaneous results. You may not be able to tell exactly what
it is that God is doing. But the Author and Finisher of our faith, the One who never slumbers or sleeps, is patiently, lovingly and faithfully healing you.


It's amazing how time allows you to see the move of God in your life, and the loving patience He has for us.  I can see so clearly now that the healing He brought to me during the time this article was originally written was fundamental for me to recognize and accept the truth about what was causing both my physical and emotional problems.  If someone had told me the truth about aspartame poisoning back then I honestly don't know if I would have believed them.  Why?  I was too deeply entrenched in the world view I held.  I was also too deeply addicted to the very substance that was destroying my life.

In the time since then, God chipped away at the notions I held as true.  He also was able to bring me to a place where I understood that nothing in this world was worth hanging on to if it got in the way of my relationship with Him.  With the prep work done in my life, God was able to set the truth before me eleven months ago.  Most importantly, I was able to see it.  In John 8:31-32 we see, “So Jesus said to those Jews who had believed in Him, If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples.  And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”  I believe it is the truth that we know that will set us free.  Eleven months ago God showed me the truth.

In the eleven months since I have been set free from the strangle-hold aspartame had on my life, I can honestly say that I feel like a new woman.  No, I'm still not one-hundred percent, but I can see that that day will come.  Daily God is touching me with His healing hand, bringing greater understanding and intimacy.  God has used a situation that the devil most certainly intended for evil to release me from bondages I didn't even know existed in my life.  Could He have completed my healing in an instant?  Yes, and from a certain perspective I believe He did.  Was I worthy to receive this loving touch from God?  Hardly!  But because of His love and grace, today I have the privilege of walking in the healing and blessings that were obtained for me almost two-thousand years ago on a cross outside of Jerusalem.  Now all I have to do is live in that healing every day, drawing my strength from Him.  Daily I revel in the fact that the God of the universe took the time to touch me, body, soul and spirit.  Those blessings are available for all who ask!  Won't you join me?