Only a Year Ago

This month marks a big milestone for me.  It was one year ago that I learned the truth about aspartame poisoning and quit using it.  At the time of my discovery I didn't want to believe that aspartame, a chemical substance that had been touted by the FDA and its manufacturer as a safe and harmless food additive, could possibly be the cause for the pain I had endured for so many years.  I had been challenged to stop using aspartame for 60 days and then make my decision, but I didn't need 60 days to reach my conclusion.  After 24 hours without aspartame I could already notice a big difference.  After three days I was convinced that aspartame was indeed the culprit.  Also on the third day I had to admit that MSG was causing me problems as well.  I inadvertently ate some MSG and was amazed as every symptom that had initially left my body after giving up aspartame returned with a vengeance.  After spending nine hours lying on the couch in pain, fighting depression and panic attacks, I made the decision to stop ingesting anything that was processed.  But could I really do that?  I wasn't sure, but I knew I had to try.

In the year since, I have come a very long way indeed.  Rather than spending my days in a fog, wondering where my time has gone, I am productive.  I can think clearly, and while I have yet to regain full normalcy in my thought and recall process, I know that with a little more time and continued healing from the Lord, this will come.  Rather than trying to cope with physical and emotional pain on a daily basis, I can enjoy raising our son.  I can even play with him on the floor without getting stiff, achy joints.  And for the first time in my life, I have lost twenty pounds without even trying.  I have even learned how to cook from scratch - something I never thought possible!  But I didn't realize until just recently how drastic the changes in my life have been.

Sometimes we need to see ourselves through someone else's eyes to get a clear picture of how things really are.  I asked my husband if he could really see a difference in me a year after giving up aspartame and other additives, at first he simply said yes.  After probing for a minute he mentioned that I was now plesant to live with and that I wasn't a raving, well, I'll just say a raving “madwoman,” anymore.  Our son has even made comments on occasion that let me know that he likes mommy much better now than a year ago.  I can only pray that one day he'll forget how mommy used to be and only remember me the way I am now.

There are a few things that I have that I don't need anymore, but I don't know that I want to get rid of them just yet.  One of them is my cane.  I had gotten to the point where I needed a cane to walk on my “bad days.”  When our son was learning to talk and came out with “That's mommy's cane,” one day, I wanted to die.  I didn't want our son to grow up with a mommy who needed a cane.  I didn't want our son to grow up with a mommy who was disabled by pain and depression.  I also didn't want my husband to have to take care of me for the rest of my life.  He had already seen me through years of difficulties and I felt that that was enough.  The Lord heard my cry and answered me in my despair.

Now I would extend an invitation to you.  If you or anyone you know suffers from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, arthritis, depression, panic disorders, anxiety, or any of a number of symptoms, please consider giving up aspartame, MSG and all food additives for 60 days to see if these are the root of your problems.  Also, if you are diabetic, aspartame is the worst thing possible for you to be using.  There are other, all natural sweetners that are available that do not interfere with blood glucose levels and have no side effects.  Stevia is one such sweetner and is available at health food stores or on the internet.  You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to see if 60 days will change your life.

In Scripture we often see that when the Lord healed someone, that person couldn't help but tell everyone they met what God had done for them.  I, too, can not keep silent.  It was God who led me to the truth and God who gave me the strength to act on that truth.  It is God who to this day keeps me free from anger and resentment toward those who allowed these chemicals to be added to our food supply.  I owe God my life, for not only has He saved me from sin and death through the sacrifice of His Son, Yeshua, but He is also making me whole.  He has filled me with His joy and my lips will ever be filled with His praises!

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